Lion fight - sighting of a lifetime

In late November 2014 in Ol Pejeta in Kenya I had the most unexpected and incredible wildlife encounter of my life - two huge male lions fighting with such power and ferocity it took my breath away. Here is the story and the photos from that encounter...

It all started very quietly and unassumingly. We had heard there was a honeymoon pair in an area of the reserve and went to see if we could find them. After some searching we saw a single female and wondered where her partner was. And then at a distance to the left we saw a male and female together. Our first female bounded over to them to our bemusement - was she going to fight them? In fact she greeted them like long lost friends and we were confused as to whether she wanted to join them?

And then from the direction she'd appeared, like a bolt from the blue, another male lion ran in towards the group, angry as hell that his female seemingly wanted to abandon him for the other male. And from there it all kicked off! The females scattered and the fight which ensued is captured only regret is not being able to capture and share with you the NOISE of the flight, it was awe-inspiring and overwhelming.

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